Gestalt Counselling

I am a Qualified Gestalt Psychotherapist / Counsellor.  The word “Gestalt” is a German word which means “organised whole”.  This method of therapy focuses on the whole of the client’s experience, everything you bring is important. What you feel or don’t feel, your thoughts, actions and body sensation etc.

Everyone at different stages in their lives can benefit from counselling.  

From time to time we can become stuck or need support to help us explore what is affecting us or distressing us in our lives. By taking this step to attend counselling I believe you are giving yourself a gift. It is a rarity in our busy lives where we give ourselves time to stop and explore what is going on. Counselling provides a safe space for you to do this. 

 For you to get the most of out of our sessions we first need to build trust and a safe place for you to explore. This can take time as we need to build a relationship where you feel safe. I don’t expect you to tell me your life story or share everything. You are in control of what you want to share or feel I need to know about you to support you in our work together.

I work in a humanistic and integrative way. My strength is meeting each client where they are at. My focus will be working with you in the moment as we discuss and work through your difficulty. We will work on raising your awareness around what is affecting you in your life. When unaware, people may drift through life disconnected to some parts of themselves e.g. not being able to connect to their feelings, not speaking up, not being able to say no.  This can cause difficulty in relationship and self fulfillment.

By gaining better self-awareness in the `here and now’ you will become aware of all aspects of yourself, your behaviour, body language, feelings, thoughts, blockages etc. From this new situation of contact with yourself you can make informed choices and live with more authenticity, engagement and satisfaction.

We will work together to find the best way that works for you. This can include talking or creative ways like art, dreamwork, writing, experimenting etc.

I am experienced in helping adults with a wide range of issue, including, but not limited to: 

   – Anxiety / Panic Attacks                                              – Depression                                                                   – Trauma / Abuse

   – Bereavement / Loss                                                   – Relationship Difficulties                                              – Illness

   – Self esteem                                                                 – Stress                                                                            – Work related issue

   – Adjusting to Life Changes

The focus on therapy is working with what you bring and want to explore in each session. This may be challenges that come up for you during the week between sessions at home, work etc or may be past experiences that are troubling you now.